Other Services:

New York . United Kingdom . Italy

Services and Formats

If your not familiar with the City and just want to have a stress free visit and enjoy we can recommend:

Location scouting for the most beautiful, scenic places to capture photos/video (weather permitting);
Scheduling and Making Reservations for you ahead of time so that you can just show up and enjoy the event.

Print Options:

  • Posters
  • Calendar
  • Greeting cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Hard Cover Book
  • Framing

We can edit and create a beautiful DVD or MONTAGE of video and/or photographs together.
  • HDV Video
  • Photo Montage

DVD Options:
  • menu
  • music
  • digital stills
  • titles
  • markers

You can have your family and friends share the experience with just one click.

Webpage options: (monthly charge applicable)

Surely, you’ll have a barrage of photos and video after your event to sift through... let us edit them for you!

For booking, pricing and any additional information regarding MyTravelPaparazzi.com please contact
Angela Viscido at (212) 569-9246 or (646) 342-7486.