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What We Do

Are you going on a trip, or planning a day in the city? It can be overwhelming making reservations, packing, scheduling, taking cabs, traveling, checking into the hotel, carrying luggage, shopping.… the last thing you should be worried about, is taking pictures.

In this day and age, with the constant change in technology, digital cameras and video recorders can be very puzzling. The settings for different times of day and nighttime capturing, can also be challenging.

Whether you are a couple, or a group, someone always gets left out of the picture and/or video that is taken. Having to stop a stranger to take your picture can be annoying. Plus, the quality of the images can leave you disappointed. See the difference (link).

Don’t leave it in the hands of a stranger on the street - put it in our hands - we are the professionals - we can follow you, and your experiences, as they happen - you can have your very own personal paparazzi with MyTravelParazzi.com

If you are planning a:

  • Day in New York
  • Night out on the town
  • Romantic rendezvous
  • Sight seeing tour
  • Proposal
  • Wedding
  • Vacation
  • Prom
  • Family outing
  • Reunion
  • Live improv, acting scenes for actors
  • Live performances for musicians and dancers
  • Real estate
  • Business meeting

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